Webinar February 3 – SaaS: What is a winning pricing strategy for subscription-based products and services?

  • 13 Jan 2022

13 Jan 2022

How should we adapt to the growing digitalization by basing our prices on value?

What is PaaS and SaaS and how should we adapt to the growing digitalization?

With the growing digitalization, an increasing number of businesses convert to subscription offerings for their products and services. But how do we define PaaS (Product as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service) and what steps do we need to take to create profitable offerings?

We would like to officially invite you to our first webinar of 2022 on February 3 where we will talk about PaaS, SaaS, the growing digitalization, and how to move to subscription-based pricing models that capture customer value and drive profitability.

What market trends can we see today? How do you put together profitable offerings and move to a subscription-based pricing model that increases profitability and customer retention? During this webinar, we will dive into what PaaS and SaaS really mean and why it has become more common for companies to offer subscriptions. Göran Skugge, Senior Partner at PriceGain and Elvira Gunnarsson, Manager at PriceGain, will discuss the current market trends, what you need to consider when offering subscriptions and the challenges you face when packaging and pricing your subscription offer. Fredrik Josefson, Consultant at PriceGain, will be the moderator during this webinar.

If you would like to know more about PaaS and SaaS and how to put together offers that drive profitability and maximize customer value, then this webinar is for you! Sign up by filling out and submitting the form at the bottom of the page.

This webinar will be held in Swedish.

When: Thursday, February 3, 08:00-09:00.
Where: Online. We will send you the broadcast link a few days prior
CostFree of charge

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