Pricing Due Diligence

What is the financial potential from developing a company’s pricing? Is the pricing better, worse or at par with competitors’? Would you acquire a company unless you had answers to these questions?

Pricing provides the greatest opportunity of improved business results, yet many Private Equity firms acquire companies without analyzing the added value from a new pricing strategy. PriceGain’s Pricing Due Diligence (PDD) reveals a company’s profit potential by mapping out the gap between the current pricing and what is possible.

By utilizing PriceGain’s PDD, Private Equity firms identify additional potential when acquiring companies or avoid investments where the potential is limited.

A PDD can also be applied on your own holdings when you want to understand if a pricing project should be prioritized above other business development efforts.


PriceGain’s Pricing Due Diligence includes mapping out a company’s pricing performance as well as internal and external opportunities and limitations in the following areas:

  • Pricing Strategy
    • Pricing Method
    • Offer and Value Proposition
    • Pricing Model
    • Pricing Processes
    • Pricing Organization
    • Pricing Follow-up
  • Enablers
    • IT/Decision support
    • Organizational Maturity
    • Business plan for pricing
    • Industry maturity
    • Customers