Private Equity companies operate in a world where capital is increasing, valuation levels are at an all-time high and a slowdown is not expected soon. With such high stakes, it is increasingly important to ensure that the companies you invest in have real potential through operational development and maturity that allow you to capitalize on that opportunity. 

We believe that understanding a company’s pricing potential is a critical factor when making an investment decision. PriceGain’s Pricing Due Diligence (PDD) reveals a company’s profit potential by mapping out the gap between their current pricing strategy and its potential. By utilizing PriceGain’s PDD, Private Equity firms can better identify the potential when acquiring a company and better understand the value of  the current position.


PriceGain acts as a strategic partner to Private Equity firms. We can  provide custom pricing projects for companies in the portfolio with the objective to improve business results and the overall valuation. Projects can vary from complete pricing strategies, tactical pricing opportunities, a redesign of the company’s offer, new price models, and improved price differentiation, to mention a few examples. PriceGain supports Private Equity firms when assessing the financial potential and prioritizing the opportunities to generate higher valuations. You can read more about some of our previous projects here. To find out how we can help you improve business results, contact one of our pricing experts. You can learn about our different pricing strategies here.