Channel pricing

Employing a sustainable performance-based pricing model throughout the entire value chain, our Channel Pricing solution will optimize profitability for all parties in every sales channel. In our view, this is incomparably the optimal channel pricing strategy when doing business via a multitude of sales channels and partners. 

In a nutshell, Channel Pricing will enhance your profitability, boost your sales and strengthen both your brand and your customer and channel partner relations.

In the digital era, it’s vital to adopt a pricing model that delivers a consistent pricing structure across all sales channels, while at the same time ensuring that profitability is maximized. Without a unified modern pricing model, inconsistencies and conflicts of interest can often erupt between heterogeneous channel pricing strategies and between e-commerce and traditional sales channels. Typically, the consequences of such conflicts will be unhappy end-customers and sales partners, ballooning sales costs, shrinking profitability and brand devaluation.


Over the years, PriceGain has acquired unparalleled in-depth knowhow and experience of the most effective methods for developing advanced channel pricing strategies for the manufacturing, wholesale and retail industries. Our value based and proven methods and tools today constitute the essential fabric of the Channel Pricing solution.

A Channel Pricing project addresses challenges such as:

  • How to ensure that the end-customer price in every sales channel accurately reflects the value to the customer.
  • How to determine e-commerce prices relative to traditional sales channel prices so as to avoid channel conflicts
  • How to create the optimal sales partner incentive structure in order to boost profitability and reinforce cooperation throughout the entire value chain.



Typically, a Channel Pricing project generates profitability improvements of at least 5% and sometimes much more, in addition to strengthening your brand.