Assortment Pricing

How do you price a broad assortment with many products based on customer value? Are you spending too much time administering price changes? Are you not seeing the results you want from your campaigns?

Our team will help you ensure that your list prices reflect the customer value and are accurate and up to date whilst avoiding heavy administration. Through a structured process and system support, value-based prices are ensured, the administration can be simplified, and the prices will be updated on a consistent basis.

Many companies find it challenging to keep their list prices up to date, especially when using a manual process during times of increasing inflation. It is all too common to set prices and never update them. And when companies eventually decide to update their prices, the general method is to apply a general price increase on their entire product assortment. The problem with this practice is that price increases are not reflective of customer value. Consequently, companies sacrifice margins and profitability for convenience.


The key is creating a process in which the prices are set based on the customer value for each product. Unfortunately, the business systems companies have access to do not support this dynamic price process. But look no further! Here at PriceGain, we have developed Pricise, a pricing system that allows for dynamic, customer-focused pricing that integrates with the existing business system and is not reliant on heavy administration.