Technology, Media and Telecommunications

The Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector is defined by innovation and fast growth. Consequently, with the rapid advancements in digitalization, the industry will continuously have to adapt to new technologies and current market trends. We can already see an increasing number of businesses that have converted to subscription offerings for their products and services.

Offering PaaS (Product as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions is becoming increasingly popular. Adapting to the digitalization and shifting to subscription-based offerings for your products and services could mean significant profit improvements for your business. Adopting a subscription based approach may allow your business to secure a more stable income, generate increased customer loyalty, introduce opportunities for up-selling and build a stronger relationship with your customer.

But how do you ensure that your subscription model grows your business, increases profits, delivers stable revenues, and improves customer loyalty? How do you attract new customers and convert existing customers in a way that is profitable and sustainable in the long run? How do you package and price your offerings in the most profitable way while capturing the market share you want?


Here at PriceGain, we can help you tackle these challenges and minimize risk by developing a pricing strategy based on your customers’ needs, preferences, and willingness-to-pay. Through extensive research, analyses, and our “outside-in” approach we can help your company package its offerings and move to a subscription-based pricing model that increases profitability, market share and customer retention.  You can read more about some of our previous projects here and below.

To find out how we can help you improve business results, contact one of our pricing experts. You can learn about our different pricing strategies here.

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