We frequently notice that industrial companies tend to offer pre-made solutions packaged as an all-inclusive offer. This means that the customer does not have the opportunity to choose different parts of the offer and thus obtain different prices, even though the structure may exist for it internally. In addition, it is common for companies to tailor solutions for unique customer needs, but the additional work is not always captured on the bottom line. How can you develop your pricing and improve business results, without compromising customer satisfaction? 

In the industrial goods sector, we often see that the product prices are rarely updated, quotation and pricing tools are often missing, and there is inadequate follow-up on pricing. These are all important aspects for the development of a successful pricing strategy. Furthermore, we often find many companies include added value in their product prices, which can result in revenue leakages. So, how can you improve business results by implementing a developed pricing strategy? And how can you ensure you get paid for added value? 


Here at PriceGain we help you identify the gaps in your pricing strategy and offer support in developing your overall pricing structure. We can help quantify the value you offer to your customers, help you create customer-unique prices and establish methods to drive sales through attractive price lists.

You can read more about some of our previous projects here and below. To find out how we can help you improve business results, contact one of our pricing experts. You can learn about our different pricing strategies here.

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