The biggest threat to the logistics industry is the rapid transformation of transportation operations management and the customer service process. Companies struggle with the perception that their costs and margins, are “too expensive”, or that customers are not always completely satisfied with the level of service.   

Unfortunately, we often see shipping companies make the mistake of giving away added value for free. On top of this, many companies choose to make costs more efficient by lowering their prices, thinking this is the safest option. The problem with this approach is that the the company erodes its added value, the customers’ willingness to pay decreases, and the margins deteriorate. Ultimately, this puts the company in an even more vulnerable position. In the end, customers can just as easily choose another supplier as many of the added values disappear when costs are cut. What can you do instead?


At PriceGain we help you identify a pricing strategy that can help you boost profitability and still meet customer needs. By developing a structured pricing strategy, you will drive sales, reduce the time spent on administrative work, and get paid for added value, without sacrificing the quality of your bottom line. You can read more about some of our previous projects here. To find out how we can help you improve business results, contact one of our pricing experts. You can learn about our different pricing strategies here and below.

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