Customer Offering and Value Proposition

Do you include a lot of added value in the price of your product but experience difficulties addressing the increasing competition and price pressure in the market?

We can help you shape a competitive value proposition where the price is clearly linked to the perceived customer value.

It is common to include added values in the price to win the deal and/or satisfy the customer. However, as a result, the offer is often unstructured, making it difficult to sell. Unfortunately, this creates a situation where the perceived value by the customer is not aligned with their own values. Consequently, customers may turn to other providers with a clearer value proposition. And for the customers that stay, there is a risk that your company loses both profitability and sales when the offer is not designed from the outside in.


Ideally, the value should be directly linked to the price. Based on this, we set a pricing model that ensures growth and profitability. We identify what creates value to your customers by established methods. And by analyzing the results, we can help you shape a value proposition that is based on customer value – a competitive and outside-in built offering that is based on your customers’ preferences, needs, and willingness to pay. In addition to this, we help you create the conditions for additional sales and long-term growth and profitability.