Business Modelling

You have probably tried to set prices according to your best guess of what your customers are willing to pay. What if you could base your pricing decisions on reliable information of the customers true willingness to pay rather than relying on your estimates?

“PriceGain’s Business Modelling is a highly sophisticated approach that sets optimal prices using quantitative customer research, your costs, and competitor prices as the base for maximizing your business results.”

By using PriceGain’s Business Modelling, companies have realized millions in profit improvements, often on the order of 10 p.p. on net results.

We have optimized prices on Office supplies, Apartments, Clothing, Beverages, Media, Telecom, Membership fees, Online consumer services and much more. For many of our clients, the impact on net results have been beyond their expectation. Learn more from some of our customer cases.


If you have a large number of transactions you can benefit from PriceGain’s Price Optimization and get answers to questions such as:

  • How should we price our products or services for maximum profit?
  • What market share will we achieve at different price points?
  • How much profit do we need to give up in order to gain additional market share?
  • Should we introduce a new offering and at what price? Will it cannibalize on existing offerings?
  • What is the impact on our revenue and market share if our competitors change their prices?