Our next webinar – May 6 2021

A webinar on subscription services and pricing models for recurring revenues

  • 29 Mar 2021

29 Mar 2021

How to price your subscription services in order to drive business growth and profitability

We would like to officially invite you to our webinar on May 6. This time around we will discuss how to price product and service subscriptions that drive growth and profitability.

There has been a rise in the number of companies converting to subscription offerings for their products and services as it can generate more profitable business results. During this webinar, Göran Skugge, Senior Partner at PriceGain and Elvira Gunnarsson, Senior Consultant at PriceGain will discuss current market trends, the use of subscription services and the challenges in packaging and pricing your offer in order to maximise profitability and customer value.

If you are interested in adapting to the growing digitalisation and drive more business through subscription services, this webinar is for you.

The webinar will be held in Swedish.

When: Thursday, May 6th, 08:15-09:00.
Where: Online
Cost: Free of charge

Click here to register: https://www.anpdm.com/public/event/RegistrationForm/42445E4476464458437040