Our fall seminar line-up is here!

  • 13 Aug 2021

13 Aug 2021

We have had some successful seminars over the spring and we are happy to announce that they will continue this fall! We will discuss exciting topics related to pricing such as Saas-services, List pricing and Discount Structure, Shipping and more. Below you can see our line-up for the next few months! :

3rd September 2021: Profitable packaging and pricing of Saas-services

4th November 2021: List pricing and discount structure. How to price your own brands versus other products in your range

2nd December 2021: How to price your shipping services

Stay tuned for more information!

You can already sign up to our next webinar, follow the link to register: https://www.anpdm.com/public/event/RegistrationForm/424B5D4B72404158477840