Jessica and Rebecca from Linköping University are writing their master thesis at PriceGain

  • 13 Feb 2019

13 Feb 2019

Why did you want to write your master thesis at PriceGain?

The first time we heard of PriceGain was when Per Högberg, Senior Partner at PriceGain, had a lecture at Linköping University about pricing. We thought the company seemed interesting, because pricing is something we had not focused on at the university. The interest grew, and we investigated the possibility to write our master thesis at PriceGain and in January we started!

What area will your master thesis be conducted within?

We will investigate the customer value that PriceGain creates for its customers. We will explore if the internal perception of the created customer value is the same as the one the customers perceive. Another thing that we will look at is how the implementation of the project is creating value throughout the customer organization.

Why do you think pricing is interesting?

Pricing is a very important factor for companies and during our time at the university we hadn’t been talking about pricing and its contribution to corporate success. During the lecture with Per we realized the possibilities pricing have and how it affects companies and especially consumers.

Why do you think it is important to be aware of the value that a company creates for its customers’?

The competition is fierce and by creating value for its customers, a company can differentiate itself against their competitors. By understanding the customers and their needs, the company can meet the customers’ requirements better and reach their expectations – perhaps even exceed them!