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Per Högberg

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We deliver

We boost business performance

Thanks to our proven methodology and result-oriented approach, the majority of our pricing projects deliver an ROI of more than ten times the actual cost of implementing a new pricing strategy. Pricing is proven to be the most effective short- and long-term method for  improved profitability.

Therefore, our mission is to boost our client’s revenue and profit by implementing the right pricing strategy.

Optimizing profits and revenue is our passion

Our mission is to help companies boost revenue and profits by implementing the right pricing strategy. Pricing is proven to be by far the most effective short- and long-term route to improved business results, but companies mostly focus on cutting costs to enhance profits. This makes us even more passionate about our focus to enhance business results through innovative pricing techniques.

With in-depth industry knowledge and experience, cutting-edge analysis and complex data-modelling, we can accurately pinpoint the pricing-areas of improvement.

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We make results last

PriceGain ensures that your business performance and profitability will improve in the years to come. We equip our clients with modern pricing tools and knowhow, ensuring that the results we achieve together will remain.

We are fully committed to deliver on the promise of our name: PriceGain.