Optimize your pricing with a smart pricing software

Profitable, Automatic, Simple

Business Value and Simplicity

Pricise is our automated pricing software that will help you achieve tangible financial improvements of at least 2-4 percentage points with minimal manual effort. With Pricise, you will improve your business results through customer-friendly, value-based pricing that is easy to administer. We want to ensure that price updates are easily accessible and less time-consuming.

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Control of pricing complexity

Pricing from costs through list prices to individual customized pricing

Pricise is a pricing system that:

1. Ensures logical and value-based pricing

2. Enables accurate and intuitive follow-up and simplifies next steps

3. Mitigates revenue leakages

4. Is easy to deploy

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Say goodbye to heavy workloads and time-consuming administration

We frequently hear from our clients that updating their prices requires heavy, time-consuming, administrative workloads and long processes. And when prices are not updated on a regular basis, they do not reflect customer value. Pricise, our automated, self-learning pricing system, will help you facilitate your price optimization process. You can read more about dynamic pricing here.


Sustainable Growth and Profits

Through Pricise, you will cultivate long-term, sustainable, and profitable growth for your business, typically raising profits by at least 2-4 percentage points.


Automatic Updates – Dynamic Pricing

Prices will update automatically, or once you have approved the suggestions made by the system. The system will consider factors such as current prices, competition, margin, product characteristics, changes in the market, and exchange rates. Pricise can also update your prices in response to your competitors’ price changes for the same or comparable products.


Connect price with customer value

Prices should reflect the customer value of what you sell, not just the cost. For long-term profitability, a pricing system cannot simply use Cost Plus, but should instead be able to recognize the value provided by each product or service. Pricise uses your product’s role in the assortment and what value it creates for the customer. It also takes the product characteristics into account to set the right price (e.g., if it is a commodity or a unique product).


Drive sales of value-adds at profitable prices:

To differentiate your prices, your products should all be priced in accordance with their value. Adding value-adds at profitable prices is a great way to differentiate your offerings and raise margins.


Simplified Price Administration

Pricise will automate your pricing and reduce workload and administrative labor. You will receive prices that are more accurate, up-to-date, and reflective of market conditions. With Pricise, you can apply market pricing to the most important products, and Price Differentiation to thousands of products without adding to your administrative workload, and achieve long-term, profitable growth for your business.


Protect margins when costs fluctuate:

As an automated pricing system, Pricise will update prices promptly based on new information, and you will not have to worry about old prices sticking around. It sets conditions for margins that need to be maintained so that you do not lose out along with your less informed competitors.


Pricise by PriceGain

Our new pricing platform

Pricise is a pricing system that was developed to help improve business results while simplifying the pricing process. PriceGain believes in simple, automated pricing based on customer value and product characteristics that enhances the profitability without the administrative burden.

Pricise is everything we want pricing to be: Profitable, Automatic, and Simple.

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