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Pricegain liggande

Pricing for Profit Summit 2019

Venue: Kammarsalen, Berns, Berzelii Park, Stockholm
Date: Thursday, February 7th 2019

12.15 – 13.00  Registration and light lunch.
13.00 – 17.00  Introduction, keynote speakers and other sessions.
17.00 – 18.00  Post-conference networking with drinks and hors d´oeuvres.

Price: SEK 2 900 excl. VAT

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to navigate successfully through the disrupted, transparent and fast-changing pricing landscape of the digital era. Reserve your seat now!

The Nordic region’s top pricing event, Pricing for Profit Summit 2019, will be held on Thursday, February 7th, 2019. This half-day conference will address Pricing in the Digital Age and give you unique insights into the latest developments in innovative strategic pricing, while revealing the secrets and methods behind the most successful pricing business cases.

We are proud to welcome our keynote speakers, two highly-respected and knowledgeable experts in this subject:

Dr. Robert Phillips, Director of Pricing Research at Amazon. Dr Phillips previously held the position of Director of Marketplace Optimization at Uber. He has a long and varied career in pricing and revenue optimization across many industries. His talk, “The Challenges and Opportunities of Online Pricing,” will explore the challenges and opportunities presented by on-line pricing and the implications for how prices should be set, updated and evaluated. Read his bio here.


Dr. Niklas Myhr, Ph.D., known as the “Social Media Professor.” Dr. Myhr is a renowned international TEDx speaker and author. He teaches Social Media, Digital & Global Marketing at Chapman University in California. His talk “Social media and pricing power,” addresses the challenges in differentiating yourself from others in order to avoid costly price wars and commoditized markets. Read his bio here.


We are also proud to welcome executives from various industries, who will share their experience of successfully using pricing as a tool for generating growth and boosting profits in the digital era:

Mr. Lars Hellberg, President and CEO of Fortaco owned by Capman, has over 30 years’ experience working with international business. He has held numerous management positions within companies such as Volvo, Saab, General Motors and Wärtsilä Corporation. Mr. Hellberg’s talk will focus on the digitalization of Fortaco’s business and in particular the pricing strategy and processes. He will also address the importance of working closely with customers developing value adding benefits, making it possible to differentiate the offer, and charge for added value.


Mr. Shadi Bitar, CEO and co-founder of Nextory AB, is an entrepreneur that has started several companies, such as Earbooks AB, Frescano Group AB and Svenska Julförlaget AB. His talk will focus on how Nextory has embraced the ongoing digital transformation in the market by capitalizing on the growth of audiobooks and e-books and how Nextory, already from the beginning, understood the importance of a differentiated offer that captures various needs and customers willingness to pay.


Mr. Anders Johansson Eickhoff has 30 years’ experience from the Nordic e-business and mail order sector. His most recent position was as CEO at Skånska Byggvaror AB that Polaris divested to Byggmax at the end of 2015. He has also held several management positions in the Nordic online retail chain Ellos AB, where his last position was as CEO for Jotex AB. He is now active as an independent consultant. Mr. Johansson Eickhoff has proven that digital transformation with good sales development and improved profitability is possible. His talk will focus on his learnings from managing and developing pricing for online businesses and the impact it has on the valuation of the company.

Don’t be left behind

To optimize profitability over time, understanding the customer’s willingness-to-pay is a crucial factor in determining the right price of your offering for each individual sales channel. A growing number of companies are realizing the power of using pricing as a tool for generating growth, sharpening their competitive edge, boosting profits and strengthening customer loyalty.

Those who persist with traditional pricing models and manual pricing methods are certain to be left behind.

Pricing for Profit Summit is the Nordic region’s leading conference for people who want to discuss and explore innovative and modern pricing methods and tools, with proven results for profitability and revenue optimization. The Summit provides insights into the latest research developments and future business trends, best-in-class case studies, and the inspiration to unlock the profit potential in your business.


The Digital Age is golden – for those that exploit these market opportunities

We are in the midst of a digital revolution. New possibilities are now within reach for how we can and should manage pricing. The marketplace is becoming more and more transparent. The option of differentiating your offerings from those of your competitors is no longer a choice you can make but has become an absolute necessity.

Companies must now consider offering their products across multiple channels. What does this demand of you? We have access to a peer-to-peer system called social media, where information and judgement are being communicated in real time.

A product may still be a product, and a service still a service, but there are a wide variety of ways we purchase and use them.  Consequently, it becomes increasingly critical to consider how to  communicate and present your products and services, whether digitized or not. Pricing is no longer restrained to brochures, physical price lists or static shelf labels. Prices can be altered in real-time and tailored to each segment, down to single interactions with a customer. Suddenly, dynamic pricing and revenue optimization become a different ball game.

So, how do you navigate through this new digital landscape? How do you turn today’s new threats into tomorrow’s rewarding opportunities? And how can you transform your business so that it can fully exploit the enormous potential offered by the Digital Age?

At the annual Pricing for Profit Summit, these questions will be answered and the answers will inspire you to develop your own pricing for future success!


We hope to see you on Thursday, February 7th, 2019!

/The pricing experts team at PriceGain


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