Pricing for Profit Summit 2019

  • 12 Feb 2019

12 Feb 2019

What is the difference between dynamic and personalized pricing? How can you use social media to increase your revenue? And how can you take advantage of the digital revolution when it comes to pricing?

These questions along with several others were raised and answered during Pricing for Profit Summit 2019 – Pricing in the Digital era.

Robert Phillips, Director of Pricing Research at Amazon, held a presentation about the opportunities and challenges when it comes to modern pricing. How can you encourage a customer’s behavior without risking other customers to feel that they are being treated unfairly? How can you handle the dilemma of rewarding loyal customers and at the same time attract new customers? And is personalized pricing really the future?

Nicklas Myhr, “The Social media Professor”, held an engaging presentation focused on the opportunities in pricing provided by social media. What are the myths of marketing through social media? What methods can you use to improve your likability online? And how did the pool seller increase sales during the finance crisis, just by answering one simple question?


In addition to these two inspiring and informative presentations, the participants of Pricing for Profit Summit 2019 also got to see practical examples of how a company can improve its pricing, through three case presentations.

PriceGain would like to thank the speakers and all the participants for a day full of new knowledge and interesting conversations. Don’t forget to stay updated on LinkedIn to take advantage of the next opportunity to learn more about pricing!