Online Pricing Training

Learn to make profitable pricing choices and turn ideas into reality. PriceGain’s Online Pricing Training enhances your pricing knowledge, inspires you to develop your company’s pricing and creates insights into how pricing can be used to improve business results.

This online training program consists of three modules and you can select the ones that suit you best. Our special all-in price if you buy them all at once is 59.000 SEK.


MODULE 1: Pricing webinar, 3 hours, 49.000 SEK

This interactive webinar session is customized for your specific business and runs during three hours. It starts with an inspirational session, during which theory and relevant business examples are presented. The inspirational session is followed by a workshop, in which the webinar attendees work in groups and develop actionable ideas for increased profitability. You gain increased knowledge about pricing and concrete tools and actions that can be implemented to improve your business performance.

MODULE 2: E-learning, 9.000 SEK

This online course is for anyone who would like to learn more on how to improve business results by developing its company’s pricing. By accessing our learning tool you enhance and develop your companies pricing knowledge. Practice makes perfect.

MODULE 3: Personalized coaching, 2 hours, 4.900 SEK

2 hours of personalized coaching by one of our pricing experts

All-in price: 59.000 if you purchase all modules at once

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