Breakfast seminar 2019

 Increase your profit with limited means

How do you improve your company’s pricing to strengthen profitability with limited means? How do you develop your company’s offer to improve business results quickly and efficiently?

Welcome to a breakfast seminar where you can learn how to develop your pricing and offering with small means. Anders Hofstedt, CEO at Hafa Bathroom Group, will share his experience of improving Hafa’s profitability by directed efforts within the pricing area.

The seminar will be held in Swedish.

When: Thursday, November 21st 2019
Where: Nio Rum, Hamngatan 2, Stockholm
Time: 8.00-9.00 (breakfast starts 7.30)


During the seminar you will be able to listen to:

Anders Hofstedt has been the CEO of Hafa Bathroom Group since 2014. Hafa Bathroom Group is the largest privately-owned bathroom company in Sweden, which includes the three brands Hafa, NORO and Westerbergs. During the seminar, Anders will share his story about how a current state analysis helped Hafa prioritize in the pricing area to strengthen the profitability.



P.S: As the number of seats is limited, it is important that you unregister in case you are no longer able to attend the seminar. Un-registration is done by sending an email to The seminar is free of charge and includes breakfast. However, if you register for the event but do not show up, we will charge you 250 SEK. Please make your un-registration no later than Nov 15th.

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