A Webinar to Inspire

How to combine growth targets with profitability requirements through better pricing 

We cordially invite you to an inspiring morning where we will discuss how to combine growth targets with profitability requirements in industries characterized by fierce competition and a constant battle for market share.

Hear from Jan Persson, CEO of the distribution company Premo, who will discuss Premo’s new service and how it helps to secure Premo’s future as the distribution of newspapers decreases.

Jan will also share how decisions related to packaging and pricing helped Premo to:

  • Reflect added value in pricing
  • Strengthen profitability
  • Increase growth

During the webinar, Göran Skugge will share his expertise on how to package and price an offering based on customer value, thereby ensuring long-term profitability. Göran will also share his thoughts on how to be strategic in a competitive market with transparent pricing.

The webinar will be held in Swedish.

When: Friday, Nov 20th, 08:00-09:00.
Where: Online. PriceGain will send a link to the webinar via e-mail to those who have registered for the event
Cost: Free of charge.


During the webinar you will hear from…


Jan Persson has been the CEO of Premo (Pressens Morgontjänst) since 2018. For more than 50 years Premo has been distributing newspapers and magazines to people living in the greater Stockholm area. Recently, Premo extended their distribution offering to include e-commerce packages. During the webinar, Jan will talk about how Premo re-packaged and priced its offer to e-commerce companies. Jan will discuss how the shift helped Premo reflect its added value, strengthening profitability and growth.


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