We focus 100% on pricing and revenue optimization.

Creating and implementing the right pricing model is the most effective thing your managers can do to improve profits. The return is immediate. The results can change the whole financial picture for your company.

Our assignments are often customized but originate from a few standardized services. We often start the discussion with our clients around these services, workshops and training programs as we outline each project:

  • Opportunity Assessment: An excellent way to identify the key leverage points in your business where changes to your pricing practices will give you the best results in the least amount of time.
  • Price Optimization: A highly scientific process based on statistical analysis of historical data and your customers buying preferences.
  • Pricing for Profit Estimate: A process primarily designed for management teams, boards and investors to quickly find out whether it is profitable for a company to develop its pricing. The goal is to identify which pricing areas could be developed and how much these developments can increase the profit margin.
  • Pricing Strategy: We help companies develop clear pricing strategies that help them improve profitability, increase or defend market shares, and enhance revenues.
  • Pricing Workshops:   Get your management and sales team thinking in new ways about how you price your products or services.
  • Pricing for Profit Program: An interactive program designed to identify, develop and implement profit-boosting tactical pricing measures in your company where PricGain supports your company through every phase.