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Inspire your managers to be proactive and more effective in their pricing decisions. Pricing Workshops are a great way to get your team familiar with the concepts behind pricing for profit.

Our Pricing Workshops are an efficient, economical way to get your management and sales team thinking in new ways about how you price your products or services and the positive effect that smart pricing decisions can have on your companys bottom line.

Learn from our experience.

We use a case-based approach to explain the consequences of smart pricing decisions in terms of profits and market share. These examples are based on our real-world experience. You can expect at least ten great new ideas on how to improve your companys profitability to come out of the Pricing Workshop we customize for you.

Our Pricing Workshops are designed to help the senior management team understand best pricing practices, how to develop a comprehensive, effective pricing strategy and how to measure the results of pricing decisions.

Make progress towards pricing for profit in just one day.

A Pricing Workshop is a full day experience. We can customize the contents based on the particulars of your company and the specific pricing challenges you face every day.

We conclude each Workshop with a brainstorming session to help everyone begin thinking about the pricing improvements you can make most quickly. Many of our clients are able to implement several of these ideas immediately without any further help from PriceGain.

Our Pricing Workshops are simply the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to get your whole team working towards your organizations key pricing and profit goals.