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Our in-depth Pricing for Profit Program will help your firm improve bottom line performance in less than a year. Most companies see an improvement of 1% to 3% in their operating profits after participating in this special 10 month program. It’s more than a training course. It is an interactive program designed to identify, develop and implement profit-boosting tactical pricing measures in your company.

In workshops with your key people, usually including the CEO and CFO, we examine your existing pricing practices, margins and markets. We help you understand how your customers and prospects will respond to price changes. We educate you on best pricing practices and help you develop procedures you can keep using long after you complete the program.

“The program’s hands-on approach to improving profitability helped focus our energy. The interactions with our colleagues were particularly important and helped spur some great creative thinking that helped us improve our new profits by just over 1% in the first year and 5% in years two and three!”

CEO, heading a Life Sciences Company
$20 million annual sales

Leverage your colleagues’ expertise

This unique program brings together a small team of two or three senior executives from up to four different companies. You work together to find opportunities to improve profits with pricing changes and spot threats that can undermine your strategies. We organize the program so the companies are non-competitive with each other but are active in complementary businesses. We have found that this variety of perspectives helps all of the participating firms.

A new way of thinking

Clients who have benefited from the Pricing for Profit Program tell us that it helped their firms develop completely new approaches to introducing new products, charging for the value delivered in the existing business and improving overall financial performance for their companies. The program will help you understand:

  • Where are the pricing opportunities in your company?
  • How much impact will pricing changes have on the bottom line?
  • What should you do first?
  • How will your customers respond?
  • How will your competitors react?

More than training: A comprehensive, quantitative program to change your firm’s pricing culture

The Pricing for Profit program is much more than a simple course where you learn new information. The whole group works together, including PriceGain senior analysts and your colleagues from other companies, to create implementation plans, define roles and processes, device internal and external communications strategies, and develop milestones and benchmarks to measure progress. We also set revenue and profitability targets that will help sell the changes to investors and stakeholders.

“The program helped us rethink our understanding of customer value and price in ways that will contribute to increased revenues as well as more efficient procedures.”

Business Area Manager at an OEM Supplier
$25 million annual sales