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PriceGain shall be the preferred strategy partner for companies seeking to improve profitability through modern, strategic and Customer-Based Pricing techniques.

We are passionate about profit improvement

Everything your business needs to operate smoothly and competitively, to expand and prosper, depends on gaining and maintaining a healthy profit. It is what makes investing in equipment, infrastructure, marketing, people, supplies and more, all possible.

At PriceGain, our sole focus is helping businesses put the right pricing strategy in place to boost profit. No other management tool offers more potential to do exactly that. At the same time, no other tool is so frequently overlooked.

Optimize profit with the right price.

Our in-depth industry knowledge, precise analysis, advanced data handling and extensive experience are used to establish the right price to optimize profit for almost any product or service. Immediately. As well as over the long term.

Our team has a passion for your profitability. We will help your people understand the benefits of using more effective pricing models and help you manage your company’s transition to more profitable pricing practices.

Successful pricing unlocks profits.

Businesses with successful pricing structures tend to consider a number of  factors: Competition, long- and short-term company goals, manufacturing, delivery and marketing costs, as well as the quality of  the product or service. However, what matters most is how much the customer values the product or service. In other words, what they think its worth.

Correct pricing can involve a great deal of experience, creativity as well as precise calculations. Setting a low price attracts plenty of buyers, but the slim profit margin will result in insignificant revenue. Fix it too high and customers will simply not make the purchase.

Select the right number and you unlock remarkable profits. We are committed to deliver on the full promise of our name: PriceGain.