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Pricing is one of the best and fastest ways for companies to improve profitability, regardless of the general economic situation. People who understand the power of pricing and know how to find opportunities to increase profits by changing the way a firm prices its goods and services are valuable, much-sought-after resources.

Working as a consultant gives you the opportunity to get inside the workings of a broad range of companies. PriceGain works with B2B and B2C companies and helps price goods and services. There are few places you can work that will give you this view into how such a variety of corporations truly  function and make decisions. You are constantly challenged to learn better ways to communicate, adapt to different corporate cultures and discover in detail how prices and margins affect a company’s bottom line.

PriceGain focuses on understanding the customer’s willingness to pay. We determine this using several different methods, including statistical analysis of historical sales data, conjoint analysis of stated customer preferences, examination of competitors’ pricing, and others. Our clients rely on us to uncover the extra edge in pricing that will help improve profits; this is one of the reasons they come back to us again and again.

Unlike many other consulting firms, PriceGain participates in the implementation of our ideas as well as the formulation of new pricing strategies. At the end of the way, all of our analysis is worthless if it doesn’t result in improved profitability. Being involved throughout the complete process helps our consultants better understand the real on-the-ground results of the changes we recommend and also assures the client that the proposed strategy will be implemented properly by knowledgeable, trained people.

Excellent collaboration and communication skills are essential elements in every pricing project. As a result, we believe in a mentor model for training new people as well as conducting projects. All of our consultants work directly with a mentor who functions as a coach, a sounding board for ideas and a manager. All of our people, including the partners, are actively engaged in projects and our flat, informal organization facilitates on-going learning and professional development for the whole team.