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Boost your profits

All over the world, the overwhelming bulk of profitability research and corporate financial analysis points to one single truth: Changing the price of your products and services is by far the best short- and long-term action you can take if you want to improve your profitability. Yet notwithstanding all the evidence to the contrary, most companies still insist on wielding the sword to their costs in an effort to enhance their profits. Others splash huge amounts of cash into new marketing and sales initiatives, hoping that by doing so they can reignite the profit Engine.

Time-worn pricing methods and market practices, plus an all too often uncalled-for fear of losing customers, are among the reasons why relatively few companies use price as a tool for improving their profit and loss account. But by applying the right methods and with in-depth knowledge of their customers, any company can in fact boost their profitability by using smarter pricing techniques.

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