Continued growth for strategic pricing consultants!

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Continued growth for strategic pricing consultants!

Many consultants experience a decline in demand during the recession. One exception is consulting services in pricing that continues to grow. The growth of the Swedish consultancy PriceGain is an obvious example. Since its establishment in 2003, PriceGain’s revenues have grown with on average 43% per year and 2009 is no exception.

As volumes in most industries contract substantially, it becomes even more important to keep and, in best case, increase margins to compensate for the loss in volume.

”In contrast to the last recession, many companies now realize that they need to combine cost cutting with activities to increase margins. To cut costs is familiar to most companies but to successfully develop the pricing and create higher profitability both short and long term, is something that requires external help”, says Per Högberg, Founder and Senior Partner at PriceGain.

For industrial enterprises this means to create structure in the pricing and to differentiate prices in a profitable way. For industries that primarily sell to consumers, the challenge is to set prices after the end-customers’ actual willingness to pay and not as a function of the costs.

”The price projects we have completed in the last 12 months have, in most cases, compensated for the effects of the recession and in other cases mitigated the effects. Our clients have increased the profitability in spite of falling volumes. This means that many clients don’t have to cut costs at all and will emerge stronger after the crisis”, continues Per Högberg.

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