More businesses seek short-term profits for long-term survival

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More businesses seek short-term profits for long-term survival

On November 14, PriceGain Founder and Senior Partner Per Högberg will present “Building a Pricing Strategy with Short-Term Profit Improvements” at the Professional Pricing Society Annual Fall Conference in Brussels, Belgium. He will describe how to balance tactical and strategic goals in pricing as well as explain how to get the support strategies such as these need, from top management and from staff.

As financial markets veer wildly around the globe, minute-by-minute, companies now struggle to maintain the cash reserves necessary to keep their doors open. However, options to do so are rapidly narrowing. Attracting sources of new venture capital can be a difficult task. Access to new credit is also equally difficult.

All of this makes the ability to pinpoint prices for goods and services that result in more robust profit margins – right now – all the more important. But a quick-fix approach to boosting sales may not be the ideal solution in the long run.

“When it comes to pricing, choosing strategy over tactics can be difficult,” says Per Högberg, a senior partner and founder of PriceGain. “Many companies manage their pricing on a deal-to-deal basis without a long-term objective. The deal may be won, but profit can be left on the table.” With offices in Sweden, the United Kingdom and representatives in the United States, PriceGain is an international pricing consultancy that advises businesses on how to implement pricing strategies to maximize profit.