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Have you thought about how differently water can be priced? Why does a 1 liter bottle of water cost € 1 in one store while ½ a liter costs € 2 in another?


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Our services are focused on creating increased profitability and higher customer value through strategic and Customer-Based Pricing. We have divided our services into four main categories that you can explore in the dropdown list to the right. In addition to our consulting services, we also offer different workshops and training programmes that will help you and your collegues become your industry’s leading pricing experts. Our workshops are also designed to inspire you to find areas of improvement through smarter pricing, and to open your mind to a new view on pricing and a new set of pricing tools that will excel your business’ performance.

An excellent way to identify the key leverage points in your business where changes to your pricing practices will give you the best results in the least amount of time. Read more >> 
A highly scientific process based on statistical analysis of historical data and your customers buying preferences. Read more >> 
A process primarily designed for management teams, boards and investors to quickly find out whether it is profitable for a company to develop its pricing. The goal is to identify which pricing areas could be developed and how much these developments can increase the profit margin. Read more >> 
We help companies develop clear pricing strategies that help them improve profitability, increase or defend market shares, and enhance revenues. Read more >> 
We offer different traning programmes and workshops aimed at business executives to inspire and guide them towards a new and modern perspective on pricing and to help them increase profitability through strategic och Customer-Based Pricing. Read more >>