Per Högberg

Per Högberg, Founder & Senior Partner

“Creating effective pricing strategies can make all of the difference for a company. We help our clients succeed with their pricing — thereby increasing profits and market share.”

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Per’s area of expertise is in conceptualizing creative approaches to pricing strategies. He works with senior level managers at many of our large clients to develop new ways of implementing effective pricing models. Per primarily focuses on identifying measurable returns for changes in a company’s pricing model.

Before starting PriceGain in 2002, Per worked for Nokia, where he reported to the company’s E-Business Steering Group chaired by Nokia’s CEO Jorma Ollila. Among many other accomplishments, Per led e-business development at Nokia, resulting in the highly successful Nokia Value Net, Nokia Global Supply Web and Nokia Online systems. Prior to joining Nokia in 2000, he spent ten years at Hewlett-Packard. He held a number of sales, marketing and management positions at HP, and in his most recent role, was responsible for all of HP’s e-business activity in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Per holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Linköping, Sweden. He completed his graduate thesis at Hewlett-Packard’s corporate headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

Anders Bley

Anders Bley, Senior Partner

“Pricing is really all about understanding the value chain. It’s critical that you fully understand every step in the process, all the way from production through to the ultimate consumer of your products and services. You must use an outside in approach through all steps in the chain and set prices from the user perspective.”

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Anders is an active leader in the firm with extensive experience in managing teams, motivating client staff people and setting clear goals for pricing projects. His excellent understanding of business operations and specific expertise in channel sales helps him communicate effectively and he is a valuable resource in the change management aspects of new pricing model implementations. He brings enormous creativity to pricing projects based on his wealth of international experience in developing of new pricing concepts.

Anders began his career at Hewlett Packard in their finance department and moved up over the years into a variety of senior positions, including Marketing Communications Manager, Channel Development Manager and Director of Sales & Marketing for HP’s computer product group. He was then appointed to become CEO of Toshiba’s digital media business throughout the Nordics. He led the company to a quadrupling of its revenue and profits until they shared first place in the market for mobile computers with sales of over 1.5 billion Euros.

He left Toshiba to become Executive Vice President and Deputy Chief for Scribona AB, a 1400 employee company that was the market leader in wholesale distribution of IT products and solutions. He held principal responsibility for the group’s strategy, business development and communications.

Anders is the coauthor of the book Swedish Corporate Establishments in Southeast Asia published by the Stockholm University School of Business. He has served as a director on several corporate boards. He has studied at the Stockholm University School of Business and at the Insead Business School, Paris, France.

Göran Skugge

Göran Skugge, Senior Partner

“Unlocking the hidden profit potential for our clients is more important than ever. It’s what allows them to reinvest in their own companies so they remain competitive and succeed.”

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During his 20 years as a consultant, Göran has led pricing projects in a variety of industries including airline, media, passenger rail, manufacturing, finance, and retail. His experience covers all aspects of pricing, from change management to implementing revenue systems and designing innovative pricing strategies. Göran’s specialty is Price Optimization.

Before joining PriceGain, Göran was Vice President of Veritec Solutions, working in both London and Stockholm. His customer focus originates from his role as Head of Service Delivery at Altio in London. Previously, while at Talus Solutions in California and London, he held the title of Director of Solutions.

Göran attained a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. He then attended Stanford University for a second Master of Science, this time in Engineering Economic Systems. His Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering is also from Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology.

Lotte Kylberg

Lotte Kylberg, Partner

”Värde- och kundbaserad prissättning bygger på kundernas behov och betalningsvilja, och kopplar samtidigt till företagets styrkor. Rätt genomförd skapar den konkurrensfördelar genom ökad kundlojalitet och stärker det finansiella utrymmet för ytterligare utveckling. Snabb effekt och hållbara resultat är det som gör kundbaserad prissättning så intressant.”

Tel: +46 70 758 16 05



Lotte har genom sin långa erfarenhet som managementkonsult och entreprenör ett perfekt gehör för kundens affär och situation. Hon kan snabbt identifiera och konkretisera kundens utmaningar och vägval samt se och visualisera nya affärsmöjligheter. Med en stor knippa nyfikenhet och ett djupt intresse för pris- och affärsutveckling skapar Lotte entusiasm och engagemang, hög effektivitet och träffsäkra resultat i sina projekt.

Lotte har mer än tio års erfarenhet som managementkonsult i marknadsstrategi och prissättning. Hon har lett ett stort antal prisprojekt för uppdragsgivare inom tillverkning och handel, fastigheter, livsmedel, tidningsförlag och olika tjänsteproducerande bolag. Innan PriceGain, startade och drev Lotte ett e-handelsföretag och en butikskedja under åtta år.

PriceGain har analytiker samt annan kompetens och resurser tillgängliga för prisprojekt runt om i Europa, England och USA. Nedan ser du våra representanter i USA samt Finland och Baltikum:


Hugh Heinsohn

Hugh Heinsohn, Pricing Strategist

Tel: + 1 888 524 7144



Hugh Heinsohn is an independent consultant with extensive experience in the software industry. His background includes five years as VP Marketing for data visualization vendor Panopticon Software, as well as six years as President of US Operations for Digital Vision, an Emmy Award-winning developer of image processing software used to make feature films, television programs and commercials. He has also served as president of Xytech Systems Corporation, a developer of enterprise software used to manage the business operations for clients including Boeing, Ford, Time-Warner, Georgia-Pacific, JC Penney, and Sony. Hugh holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University.